If you are searching for “Electric Panel Cover Replacement“, “Electric Panels Upgraded“, “Electrical Panel Replacement” or “Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement” in Hampton Roads, Get Lit Electrical can help!

Make sure your home’s electrical system is up to date. Most home appliances and gadgets are overloading electrical systems in older homes, causing problems that could easily be fixed with a new electrical panel upgrade.

What are electrical panels?

Your home’s electrical panel helps provide electricity to your entire home, gadgets and appliances. Power from the utility company flows through this panel and branches out into major electrical branches, transferring into small branches in order to distribute the right amount of power. For the safety of you and your family, make sure your electrical panel is up to date!

Where is the electrical panel located in your home?

Electrical panels are mounted in utility rooms, garages, basement, laundry rooms or closets and may occasionally be location outside.

Old electrical panels can result in many electrical problems. Some examples are:

  • Lights flickering
  • Circuit breakers that trip
  • Fuses that easily blow when plugging in devices
  • The need to turn off one appliance to use another one
  • Melted electrical wires
  • Circuit breakers failing to trip, creating shocks, fires and overheating

Old electrical panels can result in extreme danger to your family by possibly causing fires and electrical shocks.

If you notice any of the following, it’s time for a new electrical panel.

  • Crackling sounds coming from your electrical panel box
  • Rust or corrosion on the panel or circuit breaker
  • Electrical service conductors overheating
  • Appliances not running at full power
  • Non-grounded electrical outlets
  • Home not equipped with ground fault circuit interrupters in needed areas
  • The need for a lot of extension cords
  • Having to use surge protectors for your appliances
  • Home running on a 60 amp electrical service
  • Your home uses an electrical panel with no main breaker or uses a fuse block panel
  • Home running on a 100 amp electrical service but still insufficient to run necessary appliances

Additional reasons to consider an electrical panel upgrade:

  • Recently renovated home that is appliance heavy in the kitchen
  • A new home addition or room addition
  • Recently added major appliances such as central air or heating, new stove, spa, power garage door or other equipment
  • Need more outlets in your home
  • Need to meet homeowners insurance requirements
  • Need a higher volt circuit like the 240 volt circuit
  • Need a sub panel added
  • Electrical panels made before 1990

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