The professionals at Get Lit Electrical are ready to tackle any of your switch needs from installing a dimmer to rewiring a brand new switch. Our friendly and personable electricians work with you to ensure your needs and convenience never clash with local codes and regulations.


Whether for looks or practicality, indoor or outdoor, wherever you need an electrical outlet we’ll install it if possible or advise a nearby location if possible. Our  electricians are ready to make sure your outlet needs are met safely and efficiently.

Home Rewiring/Outlet Restoration

Rewiring and restoring outlets within a home to update it to modern standards can be a very extensive electrical project and should be performed by a professional electrician. Our technicians work hard to install wiring that will provide years of safe, trouble-free use. Updating a home’s wiring can increase the resale value, reduce time on the market, and help pass real estate inspections. There is no perfect time to update the wires in a home, but many of our clients do it during a home renovation or addition.

Car Chargers

Our experienced electricians have been installing charging stations in homes for electric car owners for several years. Residential EV charging stations come in many shapes, sizes, and capabilities. In general, charging stations are organized by their power output (watts, volts, etc.), which directly affects the time it takes to charge your vehicle entirely. Charging times vary according to the size of your car’s battery.

Home EV Charging Stations

* Choosing a Charger – EV Charger Types:

  • * Level 1 Charging Station – 120 Volt (uses standard home outlet)

Level 1 charging means charging by simply plugging your EV into a standard household electrical outlet (with an adapter that comes with your EV). For a Nissan Leaf, charging this way yields 4-5 miles of range per hour of charging or about 22 hours for a full charge. Twenty-two hours seems like a long charge time, but consider that 80% of US drivers drive less than 40 miles per day. If you drive less than 40 miles per day, this means that the typical EV will not require a “full” charge each night, and could quickly recharge in the hours while the car is idle.

  • * Level 2 Charger – 240 Volt (same voltage used by your refrigerator)

Level 2 charging stations vary in their output from 3.3 kW (40 miles of range for a 3-hour charge) to 16.8 kW (40-mile range with 40 minutes of charge). The optimal home charger usually fits somewhere in between, depending on your average commute and whether you have access to a charging station at work. Level 2 EV chargers require installation by qualified installers.

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